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Welcome to the Psychology, Sociology and Politics Subject Guide

Welcome to the subject guide for Psychology, Sociology and Politics.This guide will help you discover how to find the books, journals and other information you need for your work.

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Other relevant guides

This guide covers the core resources you need for day-to-day study and research.  However, you may sometimes find other guides useful for specialised topics. You can find a full list of other guides on the Library Gateway, but some useful guides are:

SAGE Research Methods Online

Sage Research Methods (SRM) is a fantastic collection of books and case studies exploring and illustrating research methods for the social sciences.  

  • Books include Little Green Books and Little Blue Books, short guides to quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • Over 1000 case studies illustrating research methods
  • SRM Project Planner - accessible advice on every stage of the research process from defining a question to writing up and sharing your research
  • We don't subscribe to everything from SRM - use 'Refine By' when searching and browsing to see what is available at SHU

Reading List of Recently Purchased Books

The following is a list of recently purchased  books for Psychology, Sociology and Politics.  New books are added to the collection on a regular basis, it is possible to set up an alert to help you keep up-to-date with the new titles.

Spotlight on Meanwhile, Back in the Library...

The Library is very excited to announce that its next exhibition will be Meanwhile, in the Library which will look at how comics, graphic novels, cartoons, newspaper strips, caricatures and picture books can be used within academia and how they connect with  subject areas such as science, game design, film, journalism, autobiography and art. 

Why not use a comic and academic text together to help get into a subject! Here are a selection of  related comics to get you started. Unsure about this approach...take a look at these articles!

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