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Help with Referencing: Other referencing styles

Always check your references

Think of yourself as the quality controller of your reference list.  Make sure that your citations and references are as good as they can be by checking that all the details are correct and that you have followed the guidance provided.

Referencing styles for specific subjects

Not all students at SHU are expected to use the APA or Harvard-SHU system for referencing. Please follow the guidance you are given by your tutors.

If you are a student in the Faculty of Development and Society, you may be asked to use another system, such as a numeric system or footnotes. If this is the case, please refer to your course handbook or tutors for guidance.  

If you are studying English you should use the guidance you are given by your tutors.

Students studying Fine Art and Creative Art Practice should refer to the lecture slides and the course handbook for help with the Oxford system.

If you are on a Chemistry or a Forensics course, you should reference numerically using the Royal Society of Chemistry style.

If you choose to use a online tool or app for reference list creation, you will still need to check that your references are correct and if you are unsure which style to use, then please refer to your course leader before you submit your first assignment.


Transition year: the guidance for using Harvard-SHU in 2016-2017

As described above some students, may still reference in the Harvard-SHU style during the academic year 2016/2017.

The Harvard method
The Harvard method of referencing is a way of citing using the author and year."Harvard" refers to this general method, but there is no definitive Harvard style showing specific details of how to cite and reference. It is possible to find many styles showing different ways this method can be applied. 

Harvard-SHU style
The Harvard-SHU style was developed to provide consistent examples and guidance and has in the past been used across most of the University.

Note: When you are using Resource Lists Online, databases and other sources, you may be given the option to view or save your references in a Harvard style. However, this may not be the same as the Harvard-SHU style recommended at SHU and by your tutors. When using RefWorks and Microsoft Word, there is an option to reference in the Harvard-SHU style.

The Harvard-SHU style in referencing software
This style is still available in the referencing software RefWorks.  It is also available in Microsoft Word on campus, but please read this about the Microsoft Word tool (citations and bibliography functions in Word) for more information.

Harvard-SHU referencing guides

Whatever your referencing style, find out why and what you need to reference

MLA manual