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Reading Lists Online - guide for academic staff: Adding Content

This is a guide designed to help academics create and publish lists in Reading Lists Online

Getting started with adding content

Within this page you will be shown how to access the book marking tool which is the first step towards adding books, journal article etc to your list. 

Bookmark to RLO link added to staff browsers

A Bookmark to RLO link has now been added to the browsers on the Staff Managed Desktop. This means you no longer have to install the bookmark button yourself on a SHU PC.

In Internet Explorer you will find the link under Favorites.

In Chrome it is in the Managed Bookmarks > Staff folder that is on the Bookmarks bar.

Installing the bookmarklet tool

If you are working off campus on a non-SHU PC you will need to install the Bookmark to RLO button yourself. This is something you do just once. 

Once installed you will see Add to My Bookmarks on your Favorites bar.

  1. Choose the My Bookmarks option RLO from the RLO homepage
  2. Add to My Bookmarks
  3. Click Install Bookmark Button 
  4. Follow the instructions and drag  booklmarklet toolon to your Favorites bar (Internet Explorer).  If using Chrome it is called the Bookmarks bar.
  5. If your Favorites bar is not visible go to View and choose Toolbars / Favorites bar. 

Manually adding bookmarks

As well as adding bookmarks that link to library books, journals, publishers, video online and websites you can also create a bookmark manually from your My Bookmarks page.  This works better using the Chrome browser as all the fields you need are clearly visible.

manual bookmark