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Reading Lists Online - guide for academic staff: Books

This is a guide designed to help academics create and publish lists in Reading Lists Online

Adding Books to your list

This page goes into the details concerned with adding books to your reading list from Library Search.  It also highlights the option of identifying specific chapters you want the students to read.  Finally you can also let us know of new titles you would like to be available to your students.  The editing functions can be accessed by switching to the old version of the RLO by using the BETA button.


  1. Use Library Search  to search for a book
  2. Click on the title to display the full record
  3. Click on the Bookmark to RLO link on your toolbar - see Bookmarking

If the book is available in both print and electronic formats you can then choose which you want to include.


The following screen displays the record you will be adding to your personal list of bookmarks.


  1. Click Create.  You can use Create and add to list once you have set up a list.

Items not currently in Library

If you add items to your lists that we don't have in stock our staff will order them, if they are available.

  1. First find them on supplier sites (e.g. Blackwells, Amazon, Abe Books).   
  2. Choose Add to My Bookmarks and it will pull in some details. 
  3. Then click Request review.

 This will trigger a checking process

  1. for ordering items not currently in stock
  2. initiating digitisation requests .

We aim to supply anything required for a list but not currently in stock.

We do recommend you liaise with your Library faculty team if you have any questions regarding resources that need ordering although the Request review process should pick these up.



Find your eBooks using Library Search.  You should be able to bookmark eBooks in the same way as print books via the Details tab, Links, Bookmark to RLO.

However, if this does not work go through to the eBook and choose Add to My Bookmarks. (*Chrome users see note below)

 * Chrome users - go to the Dawsonera page for the item, Click on Add to My Bookmarks, see shield in url bar on right hand side near star, click on it, choose load anyway.