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Reading Lists Online - guide for academic staff: Digitised readings

This is a guide designed to help academics create and publish lists in Reading Lists Online

Digitisation of print items

Use Request review if you bookmark chapters or articles that are not currently available electronically.  Wherever possible we will digitise these (licences and copyright law permitting). 

We recommend you liaise with your Library faculty team if you have any questions regarding resources that need ordering.

See also Request review and  Items not currently in Library.

Once the review is complete the Request review option will be available to you.


Process of Obtaining Accessible Formats

If a student has a print disability, then they may require their reading in an accessible format.

Obtaining readings in an accessible format requires an 8 week lead time.

  • Staff within the library identify the essential reading from the RLO (this is made easier if the essential reading is already marked, but can take time to liaise with the module leader)
  • Staff within the library apply to either RNIB Bookshare or directly to the publisher to obtain the PDF
  • RNIB Bookshare has a turnaround time of 3 weeks, publishers do not give a turnaround time
  • If the PDF requires further formatting, conversion or transcription, this can take an additional 2 weeks in-house, or longer if outsourced
  • Disabled Student Support advise that students with specific accessibility or educational requirements should be given an additional 2 weeks for their reading

JISC have documented the process, along with recommendations here

Digitised Reading - Moving content from one list to another

You can tell if an item on an RLO is a chapter or article digitised by the library services Digitisation team by grouping the items by section. A digitised reading will look like this…

The digitised reading will have been made purposefully for that particular module, and details such as the module code and student numbers will have been recorded for copyright auditing. Therefore, please do not copy the link across and use it on an RLO for a different module. If you need a digitised reading for a new RLO, please either add it to the RLO and set it to review or complete the form below and send it to

Making your RLO more accessible and inclusive

It is important to consider how you can make lists accessible for all students, the following three techniques are all very effective.

Include online resources

  • More students can access these where and when it suits them, for example off-campus.
  • Students can also use specialist reading software to access these resources if they require it

Provide clear sign-posting and navigation

  • Giving guidance on what is essential and what is further reading allows students to prioritise their reading

Get your lists published and reviewed in good time

  • This gives students who may have difficulties with reading more time to find and read materials
  • Also it allows the library more time to digitise chapters or buy e-books