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Reading Lists Online - guide for academic staff: Creating lists

This is a guide designed to help academics create and publish lists in Reading Lists Online

Getting started with creating your reading lists

The first time you use RLO you need to Create A Profile, you only need to do this once and the video below explains how to do this. To start to create your reading list online you can either create a new list or amend an existing list.  The following sections and videos will help you start this process. 

Getting started - Creating a Profile

How to Copy an Existing List

  • It is also possible to Copy an existing list and reuse it for a new module.
  • Open an existing list and via the Edit menu, select the copy option.

  • It is important to rename this list and make sure the link to Hierarchy is unticked if it is for another module.

Accessing RLO and your lists

  • RLO is accessible from the Library Gateway via the Reading Lists Online link
  • RLO can also be uploaded to Bb module (not organisation sites) from the Add Content tab.
  • The first time you sign in (with your SHU username and password) you will be asked to create a profile which you should make public.
  • In My Lists you will find all the lists that are linked to the modules on which you are enrolled as Instructor or Teaching Assistant.
  • Ownership - if you are the module leader and a pop up window asks if you are the Owner - choose Yes.  If you are not the module owner - choose Decide Later.


If you need further help with your Reading List please contact your Learning and Teaching Librarian, who will be able to arrange a 1 - 2 - 1 appointment.

Creating new lists for Bb module sites

  1. If your module does not have an RLO list you will need to create a new one, populate it, and attach it to the appropriate module in the RLO hierarchy.
  2. Go to My Lists from the top banner and choose Create New List.
  3. We strongly advise you to use the same List Name as the Bb module site and put the module code in the Description field.
  4. You can then attach the list to the relevant modules in the hierarchy, choose the appropriate year and add the student numbers.


Add sections to your lists

  1. You can break your list up into Sections that will help your students.  For example, sections could be based on Essential or Background reading or  Seminar reading etc.
  2. To add selects to the list, go to Edit > Edit list, and you can add a new section by clicking and dragging the New section link above your bookmarks to the top of the list.  
  3. You can then give it a name and start adding bookmarks

Reordering sections

To change the section order go to the Table of contents link at the top of the list and click [show].  From here you will then be able to reposition the sections.  

How do I get rights to create and edit lists

RLO works closely with Blackboard.  Anyone who is listed as an Instructor or Teaching Assistant on a Blackboard module will have rights to create and publish RLO lists for that module and to edit lists already attached to that module in the RLO hierarchy. 

My Lists - if your module already has an RLO list (attached to the RLO module) it should appear in My Lists

If you can not find the list you want to work on in My Lists you can search for in it the search box on the Home tab.