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RefME is changing

RefME has been acquired by Chegg, an education company, who operate another academic citation tool called Cite This For Me.  From the 28th February RefME will become Cite This For Me.  At this point your account and citations will be migrated to Cite This For Me where you can log in using the same credentials to access your account until 1st June 2017

You will have access to all your accounts and bibliographies for free on Cite This For Me until 1st June 2017, at which point you'll have to subscribe to Cite This For Me (paid for premium account) to access all your work. Find out more  RefME transition to Cite This For Me FAQs. 

There are many different online tools and apps available to help you with your referencing. Have a look at our guidance on this page  Choosing the right tool or app for you

Changing from RefME to RefWorks 

You may want to consider changing from RefME to RefWorks an online tool paid for by the Library which will let you do the things you have been doing in RefME and more. The guidance below will help you to: 

  • sign up for RefWorks 
  • move any references your have saved in RefME to RefWorks (or another online tool) 
  • add new folders and references
  • create a reference list in APA 6th 

The video links will help to get you started. Ask at the Library Helpdesk if you need any more help. 

Signing up to use Proquest RefWorks

If you would like to register to use the new version of RefWorks:

  • Go to:
  • Click on 'Create account'
  • Enter your university email address ending with one of the following
  • Your email address should be accepted by RefWorks and you will see this 'Good news!' message with a prompt to choose a password.
    NOTE: If you use Legacy RefWorks, please do not use the same password for New RefWorks.  This will cause issues if you want to use Write-n-Cite with both versions.
  • Once you have chosen a password, you will receive an email including a link that you need to follow in order to confirm your account and complete your profile details

Proquest RefWorks and APA referencing

You can use New RefWorks to create a reference list in the APA 6th edition referencing style.

When you use the 'Create bibliography' function, the 'Quick cite' function or Write-n-Cite to create references, choose the 'APA 6th - American Psychological Association', 6th Edition option

ALWAYS CHECK YOUR REFERENCES - the software is unlikely to produce perfect results and it is your responsibility to check that your references are accurate and complete.

Searching for a reference

Build your database

Try the following new methods for adding records to your RefWorks database using the 'Add a reference' menu (plus sign)







Create a new reference (from the RefWorks database)

  • Click on the 'Add a reference' menu and choose 'Create new reference'

  • Choose to enter the details of a 'book'

  • In the title field type the title of your book

  • From the possible matches at the bottom of the screen, select the relevant book by checking the author, title and edition.

  • Save the record

Edit a record

Go to 'All Documents'

Click on any document/reference - note the third pane that opens on the right of the screen

Click on the 'Edit the selected document' icon (pencil) in the top right of the third pane

Change something about the record or add a tag

Note that you can also attach a document

Save the document/reference

Creating and Adding to Folders

Create a folder and add records

Click on 'My Folders'

Choose 'Add a folder'

Give the folder a name, e.g. Assignment 1

Click on 'All Documents'

Select some references/documents by ticking in the boxes next to them

Drag the selected references/documents to the Assignment 1 folder or use the folder icon on the top menu to select the folder to add them to

Create your Reference List/Bibliography

Create a bibliography (no citations)

Click on a folder

Click on the 'Create bibliography' menu icon at the top (quotation marks)

Choose 'Create bibliography'

At the top of the screen choose a referencing style - go for APA 6th

The bibliography which is produced can be copied to a document


Learning how to use New RefWorks

In New RefWorks, click on the 'Get help' icon (question mark in the top right hand corner) for links to support resources or follow the links below.