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Focused Revision Session next week!

by Kirsty Hemsworth on 2021-11-24T08:00:00+00:00 in Skills | Comments

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Revising for exams can be tough! Whether this is organising your revision notes, finding motivation or just getting started!

The aim of this session is to help clear your mind, work alongside others and get some focused revision done.

The session is taking place 4.00-5.30pm on Tuesday 30th November and will be held online in Zoom.

Book onto the session. 


What will happen in this session?

  • The session will be 90 minutes long with approximately 60 minutes of this being dedicated to focused revision with 10 minutes at the start, middle and end for goal setting, break and review.
  • The 60 minutes of focused work involves getting on with your own revision with your microphone off but leaving your webcam on. It sounds like a strange concept if you’ve never done it before but it does genuinely help give you a sense of working alongside others.

What else do I need to know?

  • In the introduction to session we will do a quick breathing activity, a few minutes of private journaling and then informal goal setting in breakout rooms with other students. We recommend having a pen and paper ready for the journaling activity.
  • The end of the session will involve going back into the same breakout rooms to review how everyone got on and a quick debrief in the main room.


We hope to see you at the session!

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