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EndNote: reference management software for staff

Configuring the screen and layout

There are things you can customise to improve your experience of using EndNote Desktop and we have recommended some on this page.

undefinedEndNote desktop should default to the view local library mode, but if you cannot see your local library, click on the local library icon in the top left of the toolbar. 



undefinedYou can change the layout of the windows on the EndNote desktop screen and also add a window for viewing PDF files.  

click on the Layout button in the bottom right corner of EndNote Desktop to try out the options.

Adding other referencing styles

There are over 6000 EndNote referencing styles but you will find that you only have about 500 of them already available to you.

You can download additional individual styles from the EndNote styles page.

Adding full text files to references

If you can find the PDF of an article through Library Search, Google Scholar, etc. you can save it and attach it to a reference in EndNote.

  • Once you have saved the PDF, find the reference to the article in EndNote and click on it to highlight it
  • In the reference panel (this is where you can see the full details of the reference), click on the paperclip icon
  • You will be presented with a window which will enable you to find your saved file
  • select your file and click Open to attach it to the reference in EndNote

EndNote Desktop can automatically find and import full text PDF files for multiple references in your EndNote Library at the same time. To do this:

  • Select the references you want to find the full text for.  They should then be highlighted blue in your list of references.
  • From the 'References' menu choose 'Find full text' and then choose the option 'Find full text'

EndNote will not always be able to find a PDFs. Reasons for this can be:

  • the source is a book 
  • the article it old and not available as a PDF
  • the journal or source of the article or paper does not allow or support this capability
  • SHU does not have a subscription to the journal or source of the article
  • the PDF is difficult  to identify

However you can configure EndNote to help improve the number of files found (see below).

Configuring EndNote to help find PDF documents

undefinedYou may be able to improve how many PDF files EndNote Desktop can find. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Edit menu and select the Preferences options
  • In the EndNote Preferences window, click on the Find Full Text option on the left
  • Make sure that there are ticks in the top four checkboxes, including the Open URL checkbox
  • In the Open URL Path box, insert the following URL:
  • In the Au​thenticate with box, insert the following URL:
  • Click on OK

You may also wish to select the "Automatically invoke Find Full Text on newly-imported references" checkbox