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Reading Lists Online - guide for academic staff

How do I link my module to Blackboard?

  • A channel linking to your Module Reading List has been automatically added to the home pages of all 2019/20 Blackboard module sites.

  • You can still add links elsewhere in your module site by choosing RLO Readings Lists from the Add Content menu item in any content area.

How should I use importance?

  • If it is important that all students have access to a resource then it should be marked as Essential, so that when the list is sent for Review the Library Acquisitions Team know to buy more copies of the book or look for eBook alternatives.


Can I add a book that is not in our collection?

  • Find a record of the item in a supplier website such as Blackwells or Amazon click.
  • Add it as a web resource.
  • When your list is ready you should publish it and Request Review.Lists will then be reviewed by Library staff and resources we don't have will be ordered if available

Can I be sure students will be able to read weekly/seminar readings?

  • Breaking your list up into sections will help your students to manage their reading.  You can easily divide your list into sections based on weekly reading, seminars or themes in RLO.
  • To add sections to your list, hover the mouse over where you would like the section to go and select the Add Section option from the action bar which appears.

  • You will be prompted to give each section a name and description.  Once these details have been completed, you can start adding resources to your list.

How do I get rights to create and edit lists

RLO works closely with Blackboard.  Anyone who is listed as an Instructor or Teaching Assistant on a Blackboard module will have rights to create and publish RLO lists for that module and to edit lists already attached to that module in the RLO hierarchy. 

My Lists - if your module already has an RLO list (attached to the RLO module) it should appear in My Lists

If you can not find the list you want to work on in My Lists you can search for in it the search box on the Home tab.

How can I use the bookmarking tool if I'm working at home?

If you are working off campus on a non-SHU PC you will need to install the Bookmark to RLO button yourself. This is something you do just once. 

Once installed you will see Add to My Bookmarks on your Favorites bar.

  • Choose the My Bookmarks option RLO from the RLO homepage
  • Add to My Bookmarks
  • Click Install Bookmark Button 
  • Follow the instructions and drag  booklmarklet toolon to your Favorites bar (Internet Explorer).  If using Chrome it is called the Bookmarks bar.
  • If your Favorites bar is not visible go to View and choose Toolbars / Favorites bar.