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Reading Lists Online - guide for academic staff

Creating an Inclusive Reading LIst

It is important to consider how you can make lists accessible for all students, the following techniques are all very effective.

Include online resources

  • More students can access these where and when it suits them, for example off-campus.
  • Students can also use specialist reading software to access these resources if they require it

Provide clear sign-posting and navigation

  • Giving guidance on what is essential and what is further reading allows students to prioritise their reading -  ALL essential material needs to be available as an electronic format to avoid student frustration and anxiety, and that if something is not available electronically we will contact the academic to explore alternatives. This semester we will not be including any essential material if it is only available in print..

Get your lists published and reviewed in good time

  • This gives students who may have difficulties with reading more time to find and read materials
  • Also it allows the library more time to digitise chapters or buy e-books



Decolonising the Curriculum

One of the areas of focus for Hallam’s work around the degree awarding gap is for us to think about what strategies could be put in place – with care and involving students – to ‘decolonise the curriculum’.

Decolonising the curriculum requires us to consider, and then address, how the values, norms, thinking, beliefs and practices that frame the curriculum perpetuate white, westernised hegemony and position anything non-European and not white as inferior.

You can read more about Decolonising the Curriculum at Sheffield Hallam here.

On your RLO you can think about 

  • Range of authorship - have you a representative range from various backgrounds or are your authors predominantly western, male and white?
  • Is the female voice heard?
  • Annotating the references, providing context and highlighting any aspects that are particularly relevant or interesting.

Examples of Resources to Include