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Library Online: Reading Lists Online Help

Reading Lists Online Help

Reading Lists Online (RLO)

   Reading Lists Online is a web based tool for accessing your reading/resource lists and their contents.  It works with Internet Explorer 7 (or above) and with other web browsers such as Chrome.

There is a link to Reading Lists Online on the Library Gateway under Find your reading lists.

Looking at lists and accessing content

Bb module sites

If there is a Reading List Online (RLO) for your module it should be in the Support Resources area of your Blackboard site.

If there isn't an RLO in your Bb module you could search for it by module name or code on the RLO homepage.

The results you retrieve may be for a list or a module… you are only interested in the ones labelled list.


Can't find your module list? Talk to your lecturer or use the Feedback link in RLO to let us know about this.

Example of a Resource List Online

If list is in sections click to reveal the table of contents

Click on the title or View Online to reveal full details

Look out for notes and instructions.

Accessing a resource

To access a resource on a list, click on the item title. This opens up the full details, with a link to locate the item e.g. the library record for book, or a website for a journal.

Example of full details display of a book 

Example of an electronic journal article


Customising your lists

Sign in using your university login details.  

Add notes - You can make notes on every item

Using the My Lists function

You can use the My Lists feature to mark your favourite lists. Once you have signed in click on the Add to My Lists button in the top right hand corner when you are viewing a list. You can then use My Lists as a shortcut to your favourite lists, or to keep a record of lists you have used once you are no longer enrolled on a module.

Help and Feedback

Use the feedback link if you would like more advice on using Reading Lists Online.


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