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RefWorks: Other referencing software

Referencing tools and apps for APA referencing

If you are a student referencing in the APA style, there are lots of  tools and apps that can make referencing easier. 

The APA 6th ed. referencing style, is a widely used style and most tools and apps can create references following this style. Have a look at our Help with Referencing pages - Online tools and apps tab.

If you are referencing in a different style, check to see if the tool or app supports the style you need.

Doing a systematic review or working with lots of references?

If you intend to create a large database (tens of thousands of references), for example for a systematic review, please contact the Library to discuss your reference management options.

In large Legacy RefWorks databases, there can be issues with slowness and processes not completing because of network timeouts. This can affect import, export, duplicate checking, etc.  To ensure a successful import, it is recommended that you don’t import more than 2,500 references (or 3 MB) at one time.  If you are a member of staff or a doctoral student, it may be better for you to use EndNote.

We do not recommend New RefWorks for a systematic literature review at this stage as we have not tested it for this purpose.

Always check your references

Whichever software you use, if data is missing or incorrect in the referencing software then it will not be able to produce accurate references and corrections will be necessary. 

You should check that your citations and bibliography are in line with the appropriate referencing guidance. 

Referencing software for researchers

If you are a member of staff or a doctoral research student please see these pages on reference management for researchers for information about and comparisons of RefWorks, EndNote desktop, EndNote Web, Mendeley and other reference management software.

Free referencing software

SHU subscribes to RefWorks but if you are considering using alternative "free" referencing software, please research the product you intend to use and consider the following

  • Is it really free or are there charges if you want to perform certain functions or need more storage space
  • Is it compatible with the other tools and word processing systems you use
  • What are the technical requirements
  • Do you want to be able to share and collaborate or does your research need to be private?
  • Does the software create references in the way you want to - from web pages, PDF documents, library databases?
  • Do you want to be able to work with PDF documents
  • Does the software support the referencing style(s) you use?
  • Is using is sustainable.  Could the software stop being available?  If this happens, can you get your sources back out in a usable format?

Using tools and apps - a copyright warning

Please be aware that although sharing of documents is possible using many referencing tools and apps, documents are covered by copyright law and sharing them is a breach of the law unless you own the copyright, copyright has been waived or the document is out of copyright.