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RefWorks: Write-n-Cite / RefWorks add-ons and apps

What is Write-N-Cite?

Write-N-Cite is an add-in for Microsoft Word which enables you to cite your references from RefWorks with one click and then to easily create a bibliography or reference list in the document.

It appears as a "RefWorks" tab in Microsoft Word.  Older versions may appear as a "Proquest" tab.

The video below shows you how this tool works in Legacy RefWorks but the functionality is the same in New RefWorks

Creating bibliographies in Google docs

Legacy RefWorks

RefWorks provides the Write-N-Cite tool for citing and referencing in Microsoft Word documents, but this tool doesn't work with Google docs.

It is still possible to use RefWorks to create citations and a bibiliography in Google doc documents using the "One line / Cite view" method as shown in the attached file.

Proquest RefWorks

If you are using Proquest RefWorks, you can use the add-on for Google Docs which allows you to insert and edit citations from your RefWorks library while you're working in Docs.

To get the Add-on:

  • Open a new Google document
  • Click on the 'Add-ons' menu
  • Select 'Get add-ons'
  • In the Add-ons window, search for 'RefWorks'
  • When you find the Proquest RefWorks Add-on, click on the 'Free' button
  • Accept the permission

To use the Add-on:

  • In your Google document, click on the 'Add-ons' menu
  • Select 'Proquest RefWorks' and then 'Manage Citations'
  • Login to your New RefWorks account
  • Use the toolbar which appears on the right to insert citations
  • The referencing style can be changed using the settings button (cog wheel) at the top of the toolbar

Always check your references

Whichever software you use, if data is missing or incorrect in the referencing software then it will not be able to produce accurate references and corrections will be necessary. 

You should check that your citations and bibliography are in line with the appropriate referencing guidance. 

Write-n-Cite and Track Changes

The Word 'Track changes' feature and Write-N-Cite can be incompatible.  It is recommended to turn this feature off or finish accepting track changes as appropriate, before using Write-N-Cite.

How to access Write-N-Cite at SHU

Write-N-Cite is installed on most university computers including all student PCs.

To run Write-N-Cite, go into Microsoft Word and click on the 'RefWorks' tab. If you have an older version, this may be a 'Proquest' tab.

If you are a member of staff and this is not installed on your university computer, please contact IT Help ( to request it to be installed. 

How to install Write-n-Cite on your own computer

On your own computer, login to RefWorks. 

In Legacy RefWorks, click on the "Tools" menu and then select the "Write-N-Cite" option.  You should see the options to download this tool.

In Proquest RefWorks, click on the "More" menu (3 dots) and select "Tools".  Under "Cite in Microsoft Word" are the options to download this tool.

Write-N-Cite for New RefWorks

If you are using Proquest RefWorks you will need to ensure that you have one of the latest version of Write-N-Cite installed - version 4.4.1376 or later.  To check which version you have, click on the RefWorks tab in Word, login to Write-N-Cite and click on the 'Preferences' option in the Write-N-Cite toolbar.  The version can be found at the bottom of the 'Preferences' window.  

Student PCs should all have this installed. 

If you are using a staff university computer, contact IT Help ( to request installation of Write-N-Cite for RefWorks or an updated version if required.

If you are using your own computer, install the latest version of Write-N-Cite - see above for instructions.

Which version will work with your word processor?

If you are using RefWorks on your own computer (not a SHU computer or laptop), the following information will help you install the correct add-in or app for your word processor.

Microsoft Word

If you have Microsoft Word 2016, 2013 or 2010 for Windows use Write-N-Cite version 4.4.1376 or later. Please note Word 2007 is not supported by these versions of Write-N-Cite.

If you have Microsoft Word 2011 and 2008 on an Apple Mac you can use Write-N-Cite for Mac.

If you are using New RefWorks, the RefWorks Citation Manager App is available from the Word Store for Microsoft Word 2016 for Mac.  This App has not been tested at SHU.  This RefWorks Citation Manager App does not work with Legacy RefWorks or with documents created using Write-n-Cite.

The RefWorks Citation Manager App is also available for Word 2016 for Windows (if you are using New RefWorks only) but it is still under development and we would recommend the use of Write-N-Cite instead.    PLEASE NOTE: there are known problems and limitations with this app.

Office 365 is a the name for a way of subscribing to Office software such as Word and is not a version of Office. One of the above versions of Word will be installed if you install Office 365

Other Word processors

Write-N-Cite is not compatible with other word processors (Open Office, Works, etc.).  However the One Line / Cite View method can be used to create citations and bibliographies from your references in RefWorks in Open Office ( .odt ) files and any document saved in rich text format ( .rtf ).

Google docs

See the Creating bibliographies in Google Docs section of this page.

Installed Write-N-Cite on an Apple Mac but can't see the toolbar?

A possible cause for this is that the installation has worked properly but the toolbar is hidden in Word.  To make it visible, go to the "View" menu in Word and select the "Toolbars" option,  then select "Write-n-Cite".   You should now be able to see the toolbar in Word.

Installed Write-N-Cite on a Windows PC but can't see the RefWorks/Proquest tab?

If the installation appeared to work and you did not get any error messages, it could be that Write-N-Cite has installed in Word but it is inactive and this is why the RefWorks/Proquest tab can't be seen.  To check if this is the issue and to resolve it, try the following.

  • In Word, click on the 'File' menu
  • Select 'Options'
  • In the 'Word Options' window which opens, select 'Add-ins' on the left hand menu
  • At the bottom of the Add-ins information you should see a box that says 'Manage COM Add-ins'.  Click  'Go' next to this box
  • You should see 'Write-N-Cite' in the list of COM Add-ins.  If this is not there, then it hasn't installed successfully or has been disabled
  • If Write-N-Cite is in the list of COM Add-ins, but the box next to it is not ticked, then it is inactive.  Tick the box next to it and click 'OK' to activate it.
  • Close and reopen Word.  The RefWorks/Proquest tab should now be visible