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The Big Read 2020

Getting involved

We've come up with some virtual activities you could do to complement your reading of Natives to help bring you and your student colleagues and friends together.

  • Run an online book club- gather some friends or coursemates together and host a virtual book group on Zoom. Talk about key chapters of the book and give your take on the themes covered in the book. 
  • Join the reading society at the Student's Union - We have a number of societies at our Student's Union, one of which is The Reading Society! You could join, and suggest Natives as a book to review with fellow members.
  • Write a book review- Are you a keen writer? You could write a blog about what you thought of the book. Let us know if you do this, we would love to read it and feature it on our Twitter. 
  • Write a tweet and tag @hallamlibrary- We’d love to hear what you think on our social media pages, and you could share any ideas you have of events you think students would enjoy as part of the Big Read this year. 

We appreciate this time of year is different, with lots of information to take in about online tools and programmes you can use as a student or staff member. Here’s some ideas of tools available to you to use for the above: