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Computing and Games Design


eForensics Magazine is 'a downloadable, monthly magazine focused on digital forensics. Covering all aspects of electronic forensics, from theory to practice, from methodologies and standards to tools and real-life solutions. Included are online courses that will take your digital forensics skills to a new level'.

You can access eForensics via the Library Gateway. To set up a personal account you will need to register on the eForensics website using your SHU login - you might have to do this outside of the SHU network. 

This pdf (eForensics.pdf) outlines the steps you need to follow to access the resource.  

Journals and Databases for Computing

In additon to using Library Search, below are the main databases which will help you to find computing related journal articles.  The databases cover journals form different publishers and may be better for some computing subjects than others, so try more than one.

When you are searching you will find a mixture of journal articles that have been peer-reviewed with those that haven't.  If you have been asked to find peer-reviewed or refereed articles it is usually possible to limit your search to these types of resources.


Standards are documents that establish a common technical specification, so products and processes can work safely, reliably and consistently


A patent is a licence from a government which gives an inventor exclusive rights to create, sell or use an invention they have developed. They are excellent sources of technical data on how products and processes work.


Sometimes you may find it useful to find statistics to support your work.You may find statistics on a specific computing topic in articles about that topic. If you are looking for general statistics or statistics about products, services and companies, the sources below may help.

Repositories and open access journals

Repositories contain publicly available scholarly articles and reports.  They can cover particular disciplines or be the outputs of a particular institution.  They are often pre-prints or copies of articles that are later published in journals and conferences.

Open access journal articles are available freely without subscription or cost.

Other journals databases

These databases contain the full text of journal articles from one publisher.  They all include journals about computing topics

These databases index journal articles on many subjects including computing.  There will be links to many of the full text articles.