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Skills Centre What's On

Sessions by topic

The Skills Centre offers sessions on the following topics. Use the links below or in the menu to look for sessions on particular topics.  If you can’t see what you’re looking for, then make a request to change our workshop programme.

You can also read information about session types and workshop descriptions, or how to sign up for UniHub, or find Skills Centre classrooms.

About our session types

In general the Skills Centre offers the following types of skills development opportunities, although not all session types are available for all topics:

  • Workshops: An in depth introduction to a topic, which typically includes some discussion and activities with up to 12 students.
  • Webinars: An online version of a workshop, with participation via the chat and voice features in Blackboard Collaborate and other tools.
  • Forums: An opportunity to share and discuss work in progress or the development of your academic skills with up to 4 students, and a learning adviser.

From October 1st, the following options are replacing our existing 1-1 tutorials and same-day drop-ins:

  • 1-1s: A 30 minute session with a learning adviser in person or via phone to advise you how to further develop your academic skills
  • Quick Query Drop-ins: A 15 minute opportunity to ask for advice or find out how to obtain further help on a skills topic.

Find out more about these different session types and how to register to book for sessions, or scroll down to see the forthcoming sessions and book a place.  Places must be booked on all sessions except the quick query drop-ins.  See more sessions and up-to-date availability in UniHub Appointments and Events.