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Essential Skills Portal: Talk to an advisor

Explore the different options for attending a remote 1-1 appointment or virtual drop-in with our expert team of advisors.

As we continue to work from home, these appointments either use online web chat software or can be booked as telephone calls (please check the format of each session before booking).

Virtual drop-ins and online library chat do not require booking.

Library chat

Get help with library services and resources 24/7. Chat now.

Virtual drop-ins

Do you have a quick question about your studies or research?

  • Searching for information about your assignment topic
  • Structuring your references
  • Starting to plan your essay
  • Looking to develop your critical writing
  • Choosing the correct tool for statistical analysis
  • Developing your research skills
  • Trying to format a Powerpoint presentation

Come along to our virtual drop-in sessions – instant answers to all your questions, all in one place!

No need to book - just drop in here:

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About the drop-in team:

Academic Skills 

Advisers available to help you improve your academic writing skills – to help you understand how to interpret assignment titles and structure your work.  They will be able to help you plan your project and manage your time, alongside ensuring you are able to think and write critically. 

Library & Information Skills 

Librarians will be on hand to help you with searching specialist databases, finding relevant information and help you with your referencing style and techniques. 

Stats support

The Stats team can provide support to students from any course – helping you to understand statistical data and use statistical software tools in your studies and research projects.

Digital Skills

The Digital Team will help you get the best from our digital tools – such as how to format a long document in Word, how to automatically produce a table of contents, and how to organise your data in a spreadsheet. 

Statistics Drop-ins

You can drop-in to the drop in with any statistics problem, big or small.  Note that you may need to queue, and if you have a very difficult or complicated problem we may need a bit of time – we can’t promise instant answers.
Also check out the Virtual Drop-ins above, and the Maths Drop-ins below.

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Maths drop-in support

Maths drop-in sessions are available online in the virtual support room at the following times:

Tuesdays 10-12pm
Thursdays 5-6pm

For more information, or to contact the team, please visit the Maths and Stats Help website.

On-campus 1-1s

These are online or telephone 30 minute bookable 1-1s with an Academic Skills Adviser.  Check both City and Collegiate tabs to see all available on-campus appointments.  Also see our remote 1-1s below.  You can find more sessions and up-to-date availability in UniHub.  

Please book a maximum of one 1-1 appointment per week to ensure that you have time to develop your work between appointments, and to give other students a fair opportunity to access 1-1s.

(If you have a quick questions for an academic skills advisor, librarian, digital skills expert, or Maths and Stats advisor, our our virtual drop-ins are every Wednesday from 4-6pm and there is no need to book: Join at

City Campus 1-1s with Susannah Diamond:

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City Campus 1-1s with Emma Parr:

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Tip: Check both City and Collegiate tabs to see all available on-campus appointments.  Also see our remote 1-1s.

Collegiate Campus 1-1s with Sam Dougherty:

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Collegiate Campus 1-1s with Kate Salinsky:

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Remote 1-1 appointments - Academic skills

These are remote 1-1s: Also see our on-campus 1-1s at City and Collegiate in the box above.

Please book a maximum of one 1-1 appointment per week to ensure you have time to develop your work between appointments and to give other students a fair opportunity to access 1-1s.

If you are unable to find an appointment during busy times, we recommend coming along to a virtual drop-in session (every Wednesday 4-6pm) if you have questions to ask our academic skills advisors.

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1-1 appointments - Statistics

Talk to an advisor about choosing or using statistical techniques and software.

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1-1 appointments - Maths

The Maths Support team can provide support to students from any course – helping you to understand course material and gain confidence in your numerical skills.

To book an appointment, please email: