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ProQuest Central

ProQuest Central is a leading multi-disciplinary online resource which gives you access to databases across all major subject areas, including business, health, social sciences, arts and humanities, science and technology.  ProQuest Central contains 17,000 full text journals as well as newspapers, magazines and market reports. 

Accessing ProQuest Central and getting the full text of articles

  • From September 2019 you can find the ProQuest Central link on the Hallam Blackboard page. Use your Hallam username and password to log in. 
  • Don't try accessing ProQuest Central through search engines like Google, as you won't be able to get to the full text of the journal articles.
  • ProQuest Central offers full-text access to 17,000 journals but also offers abstracts (summary of content, not full text) for 3,000 journals. To access full text look for results which have Full-text or Full-text PDF links.

How to search ProQuest Central effectively

The videos below will help you to find the information you need for your studies quickly and easily. You can also work through an example search in the worksheet below.


Virtual reality