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Introduction to questionnaires

Psychology scales, tests and inventories usually come in the form of questionnaires with a grading and analysis scheme. You will find many articles citing research using scales but it can be difficult to source the scales themselves. This is because they are often commercially copyrighted and not available for use without payment or permission - the cost can be several hundred pounds. 

This page provides information on how you can access questionnaires through the library and HOTC Technical Resources Team.

Questionnaires available via HOTC Technical Resources

The HOTC Technical Resources Team are able to provide access to over a hundred psychology questionnaires for Psychology students. Use the'Psychology Tests & Questionnaires' tab on their Bb site to check which tests are available. 

If they don't have a particular test it is occasionally possible to obtain a copy from the original author who may be happy to help and allow academic use.  The Psychology department have a limited budget for obtaining new questionaires and scales. 

You can email the technicians in the Resources room for further help:

Additional sources for finding Psychology questionnaires

The three databases below are good sources for finding pre-existing measures/questionnaires. Once you have found one that's useful, you will be able to see whether they have permission to be used for educational purposes.
Checking permissions on APA PsycTests

When you have found a suitable test on APA PsycTests you will need to determine whether you have permission to use it and if any fees are payable.  This video shows you how to check permissions.