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The Big Read at Hallam Library

Take your pick with our themed book lists!

Here are a few examples of some of the books that are recommended as part of the Inspiration people: their thoughts and ideas reading list:

The aim of this Reading List is to highlight many of the LGBT+ books, journal articles and resources including DVDs, picture books and comics within the Library. The list is in the Non Fiction section of the Big Read guide and includes a mixture of non fiction and fiction related to LGBT+.

However, the list is a little broader and more holistic than the Library and our collections! You can find information about the student support services at the University, relevant websites, glossaries and guides.

 Here are a few examples of some of the books that are recommended as part of the LGBT+ reading list online:

For All: Comics and graphic novels

The Library has an incredibly diverse range of comics and graphic novels within the collection ranging from:

  • academic comics like Evolution a graphic guide
  • books about comics like How comics work
  • comic drawing guides like Framed Perspective volume 1: Technical perspective and visual storytelling
  • plus lots of recreational comics ...!

You can find the Meanwhile, Back in the Library reading list and the Meanwhile, Back in the Library subject guide (all about comics) by following the links below!

For All: find out more about most subjects with the Very Short introduction book series!

How to find more information in Library Search

In this section of the Big Read guide, Hallam Library hopes to have inspired you to step outside your academic studies and take a look at some of the other books that we have in the Library related to non-fiction!

If you are inspired to find out what we have in the Library about other subjects or people eg Patti Smith... you can do this by going to the Library Gateway at: and searching like this:


For the activists!

For the architects!

For the artists!

For the bakers!

For the builders!

For the cooks!

For the crafters!

For the designers!

For the fashion designers!

For the feminists!

For the film fans!

For the film makers!

For the gamers!

For the historians

For the illustrators!

For the musicians!

For the photographers!

For the programmers

For the racers!

For the scientists!

For Sheffield!

For the sports fans!

For the tweeters and the instagramers!

For the writers!

To end, a little bit of retro!

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