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Open Research

What is Open Access?

Open Access is about making research publications freely available, enabling the results to be read and built on by anyone.

Making your outputs Open Access maximises the public benefit and helps you to increase your readership, raise your profile and increase your impact.

Without Open Access, your research outputs will only be available to readers with access through their institution, or who pay for a copy or a subscription.

Making your work Open Access

The ‘green’ route to Open Access is via self-archiving of your author accepted manuscript in a repository such as the SHU institutional repository, SHURA, alongside publication in a subscription journal.  

The ‘gold’ route to Open Access involves making the final version of record Open Access via the publisher’s website.  This usually involves paying a fee. 

The Library's web pages about Open Access provide more information about how to make your work Open Access, support with Open Access charges and about rights retention.

If you have any questions about Open Access, please contact the Library Research Support Team:


Call: (0114) 225 3852

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