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Welcome to the subject guide for Languages. This guide will help you discover how to find the books, journals and other information you need for your work.

Photo credit: Sheffield Hallam University

The Language collection of books, dictionaries and media materials is on Level 3 of the Adsetts Library arranged in the following order

  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • British Sigh Language
  • Other languages

Helpful Shelfmarks

You can use Library Search to find the resources you need. The following table shows some helpful shelf marks:

Language Shelfmark
English Language (TESOL Collection) TL 423 onwards
Chinese CH495.1
French FR443
German GE433
Italian IT453
Japanese JA495.6
Portuguese PO469
Spanish SP463
British Sign Language 419.41

Languages Learning Resources Centre (LLRC)

The LLRC in the Stoddart Building offers the latest in IT enabled language learning and is a vital hub for all students enrolled on language courses.

The centre is run by the foreign language assistants and a team of final year students, all of whom can offer advice and share first-hand experiences of language learning and studying and working abroad.

There are PCs with internet access, international TV channels, video on demand, digitised resources on the Languages (L) drive as well as interpreting & pronunciation practice software.

In addition you can borrow language course books, grammar references and dictionaries and make use of the recording room for practice or assignment purposes. 

Translating Tools

There are many language and translation tools available on the Internet. Translating tools are recommended for looking up words, phrases and small sentences. It is not best used for translating long passages of text.

Oxford Very Short Introductions

How to Search


Library: How to Search

How to Search is a resource produced by the library which aims to give students a general introduction to the process of searching for evidence. It covers the different stages of the process of searching for information, including:

  • identifying the information you need
  • deciding where to search
  • using search techniques to construct an effective search
  • evaluating the sources you find
  • understanding the basics of referencing

The resource includes videos, interactive activities, and downloadable documents to support your independent learning. How to Search is not subject-specific, but it is particularly useful if you are new to literature searching or would like a refresher of the basics.

AI and your academic work

This library guide provides an overview of the different ways that you can use Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support your learning at Sheffield Hallam University.

Before you use any Generative AI as part of your research or writing, you should:

  • Check the guidance from your course or department on using AI. Speak to your Academic Advisor or Course Leader to find out if the use of AI is permitted.
  • Read the University's guidance on AI in learning and assessment.

Once you're confident that these two steps are complete, explore this guide for advice on how to use AI effectively and ethically as part of your academic work.

Photo by Mojahid Mottakin on Unsplash