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Wellbeing Wednesday - N is for nature

by Carl Lomax on 2022-07-27T09:00:00+01:00 in Library | Comments

Welcome to Wellbeing Wednesday in the Library!

Each Wednesday, we will be blogging about different aspects of wellbeing and connecting you with books or web-based information to help support your wellbeing. This week N is for Nature.

One of the fab things about being based in Sheffield is that there are so many green spaces waiting for exploration! But why do people say that being in nature is good for us?

Here is a snapshot of research for you to dip into:

Franco, L. S., Shanahan, D. F., & Fuller, R. A. (2017). A Review of the Benefits of Nature Experiences: More Than Meets the Eye. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health14(8), 864–.

The above link will take you to PubMed Central. One of our favourite sources for articles within Biosciences and Health.

The above link will take you to an article type called a systematic review (SR). SRs are wonderful sources as they crunch lots of data and arrive at the conclusion which the data supports! We love a comprehensive systematic review!

The above articles explores the urban landscape and the connection for young people.

Tap into Sheffield City space!

Join the gardening group at Collegiate. Come and grow fresh organic edibles and plants and improve your mental health whilst at University. It is a practical, hands on gardening session, please wear appropriate footwear and clothing for the outdoors. Gloves and a set of tools will be provided at the beginning of each session.

Take a walking tour with friends using the above book. It is a little older and may not cover some of the more recent developments but you will still find lots of info about the city, your area and the building you see most days!

The book is aimed at children but there are some great ideas here! Coffee Leaf Printing in Winter when you may not want to step into the wind and rain!

Consider a walk in the peak! Be safe though and look at the Ramblers guidance!

Our wellbeing levels can differ at different times and it is OK to ask for support.

Each of us may prefer to get support in different ways. Reading or researching around an issue, connecting with a group whether it be in person on online or speaking on a one to basis with a trusted ally.  Find out more about Student wellbeing, support and activities at:

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