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Library Online: Curated reading lists

Welcome to Hallam Library curated reading lists.

Welcome to the curated reading lists

What are the curated reading lists?

Here at Hallam Library, your librarians, have handcrafted a range of curated reading lists to help explore a range of political and social issues, or find genre fiction to help you unwind and take a break from academic studies – recreational reading with a little bit of dystopian fiction anyone? 


What are the benefits of curated reading lists?

A great book has the potential to take you anywhere whether that’s to the depths of Mordor or the African nation of Wakanda. Being transported into another world with fantastic stories and characters can provide a much needed break from our daily lives and enables us to connect to new worlds and ideas.

Representation is key in literature, it is important to see and recognize ourselves in the stories that are being told to help build those feelings of belonging, recognition, identity, empathy and understanding.

Books can also inspire us and encourage us to effect change whether on a local or global scale. Change can be on a personal level, for example, trying a week without using any single use plastic or technology based, for example, using our social media to petition for change and stand against injustice.

We ask... where will a book take you today?

Who have you worked with to help create these lists?

Many of the curated reading lists have been developed in partnership with:

  • Hallam staff networks, the Students Union and the Student Wellbeing Service.

We have also worked as a library collective and recommendations from the list have come from subject librarians and library teams.

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Collegiate Library [map pdf]

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