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PREVIOUS VERSION Reading Lists Online - guide for academic staff: Introduction

This is a guide designed to help academics create and publish lists in Reading Lists Online

Changes to how RLO Reading Lists are linked to Blackboard module sites

  1. A channel linking to your Module Reading List has been automatically added to the home pages of all 2019/20 Blackboard module sites. You can also add this channel to the home page of any other Blackboard module site if desired.
  2. You can still add links elsewhere in your module site by choosing RLO Readings Lists from the Add Content menu item in any content area.
  3. You can now choose to link to specific sections of your list too, e.g. the readings for a particular week. This can be done by adding the RLO link, then clicking on it after it appears in your Blackboard site. You will be prompted to choose what section should display to students (or the whole list).

New for 2019 - Adding to sections of your reading list

By adding links to specific parts of your reading list you can give the students access to the right resources for that part of the module.

  1. At the point at which you want to add a link to a specific section of the list, go to the Build Content section and follow the link to RLO Reading List option.
  2. You are then required to give the link a Name such as "Week One Reading" and a brief description of what you are linking to and how it is relevant to the student at this point.
  3. Once you have submitted the information you get the standard link to RLO
  4. When you launch this link, the RLO opens in a new window and you get the opportunity to link to specific sections

Recent Research - What is a Reading List For? Oxford Brookes University

The following guide was produced by Library staff from Oxford Brookes University, following a research project.  The project looked at how module leads could align reading with their learning outcomes.

Oxford Brookes University, . (2018). What is a reading list for?. Oxford: Oxford Brookes University.

Getting help with your RLOs

If you need further help with your Reading List please contact your Subject Librarian, who will be able to arrange a 1-2-1 appointment.

New for 2019 - RLO Channel in Blackboard

Using RLO to improve student access to learning resources