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Essential Skills Portal: Skills for Study

Skills for Study page

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Boost your academic skills with Skills for Study

Skills for Study is an interactive package covering a wide range of academic skills. Build the skills for success in your studies and beyond with your own personalised learning pathway

The resource is based on the work of Stella Cottrell, bestselling author of The Study Skills Handbook, and offers guidance and exercises on 12 core skills.

What's inside?

  • Diagnostic tests
    To help you identify and focus on the most beneficial areas  
  • Exercises & activities
    To help in developing your understanding of crucial topics from writing to critical thinking
  • Videos, articles, blogs
    These provide the latest advice and offer bitesize guidance
  • Section assessments
    So you can test your understanding and consolidate your knowledge
  • My Journal
    You can reflect on your development as you use the package, and download your notes
  • My progress
    You can view your development progress and decide where to continue your journey.

Unless you access Skills for Study through a special link in your Blackboard course, you'll need to create an account for your first access to Skills for Study using your email address in the format, but afterwards you can simply use the Institutional Account login.

Go to to get started.


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