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The Special Collection: George Fullard

George Fullard

George Fullard was born in Darnall, Sheffield in 1923. As a teenager he enrolled at the Sheffield School of Art where he studied until he was eighteen. He then enlisted in the army and was seriously wounded in the fighting in Italy. He never fully recovered his health and died in 1973, just as he was gaining a substantial reputation as an artist.

Before leaving the School he completed a portfolio of drawings which were inspired by the scenes around him in the aftermath of the Sheffield Blitz of December 1940. The work consists of a series of 17 completed drawings and a large sketchbook. This made up part of his application for a place at the Royal College of Art in London, which he took up after the war. The value of the drawings as a precursor of Fullard's later work is clear and the origins of the subject matter of much of his sculpture can be traced back to these youthful sketches.

The drawings were returned to the School, which is now part of Sheffield Hallam University and are now housed in the Special Collection based in Adsetts Learning Centre.

You can access more images of Fullard's work in Sheffield City Centre by selecting this link.

Fullard in Sheffield Map

Fullard in Sheffield Map

A map of George Fullard's artwork in Sheffield showing the location of each sculpture or artifact and a walking route. Click on each marker for a picture & description.



Fullard's sketchbook

This sketchbook and drawings are available to view and work from in the Special Collection. Just arrange a visit or attend a Wednesday drop-in.

Adsetts Library [map pdf]
Collegiate Library [map pdf]

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