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Writing for the Arts

Writing for the Arts


Illustration of a piece of paper, a hand holding a pen, and a lightbulb signifying an idea.This guide will support you in understanding how to write effectively at university in arts and creative subjects.

The first step is to fully understand the nature of the writing task you have been set:

What is the purpose of writing? What audience are you writing for?

Usually, you will be writing for a tutor who will mark your assignment, but occasionally another audience will be implied e.g. responding to a brief to make an item for a client or company or designing something for a public space, often with academic commentary giving an account of the research you have found and the design process you have undertaken.

For more information, visit our online study guide to planning your writing.

Writing skills, including paragraph structure

Describing your work

Critical thinking in the arts and creative subjects

Reflective writing in the arts and creative subjects


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