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SearchStart - Oct 2019

Welcome to Search Start

This guide is aimed at students starting university.

Here you will find advice from the library for new students on how to find the right resources for your course work at university. You will also find links to advice from other services in the university to help you work and study. There are video's and interactive quizzes to help you check your understanding along the way.

Sources - Types of Information. A description of the different formats information can be delivered in - what they are and when you might want to use them
Search - How to search. General advice and tips on effective search skills
Choose - Deciding what to use. With so much information available, in different formats, it can be difficult to decide which is the most appropriate source to use. This section will provide you with some advice and tips on how to decide which source is the most relevant to your needs.
Use - Using information in your work. This section covers where to go for support with academic skills such as writing, time management, critical thinking etc.
Referencing - Most students at Hallam will use the APA Referencing style. Some of you may use an alternative referencing style. Information on why you need to reference, and how you would go about it using APA or one of the other styles is available in this section.

This Guide is updated in response to feedback. Comments and suggestions are always welcome through the Library Contact page.