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180 seconds to Academic Success


Want to further develop your academic and study skills, but don't have enough free time? This course is perfect for you!

You will receive weekly emails from October to December 2021. Each email will include snippets of useful information, tips and learning that you can access where and when it suits you - on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, in the library, at home or on the bus. Each email will provide you with 3 minutes (that’s 180 seconds!) worth of content, focused on one concept at a time - all aiming to support your study skills and your academic success.

If you ever miss out on a concept, don't worry you can choose to revisit any of the information at a later date right here in this LibGuide. Just click on the concept you want to learn more about on the side.


How to sign up?

If you would like to sign up to receive these resources in your e-mail, just e-mail your name and student number to: