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Biosciences and Chemistry

Welcome to the library subject guide for Biosciences and Chemistry

How can this guide help?

This guide will help you find the books, journals and other information you need when researching for your assignments.















                                                      Macrophage engulfing Tuberculosis bacteria. Image credit: ZEISS Microscopy via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) License:


How to use the guide

Use the menu on the left hand side of the screen to find out more about specific resources e.g. books, journals and databases.

New books in the Library

Here are examples of newly purchased books or eBooks that have found a home in the Library.

How can I get more support from the Library?

Get in contact!

Library Chat is 24/7 and is here to help! We also have a range of guides that can help:

Try an academic comic

Sometimes having a concept or idea explained in a new way can help an idea click in our mind.

Try an academic comic to help explore Biosciences and Chemistry.

Unsure about this approach... take a look at these at these supporting articles!

If you like comics or graphic novels, the library has a fantastic collection.

Take a look at the comic guide and the comic reading list! Whether you are Marvel OR DC, there is a comic in the library for you! Happy reading!