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Journals databases

You'll find many articles you'll need for your studies in Library Search . But there is a range of specialist databases which provide more sophisticated searches for journal articles around many different aspects of architecture.

Access to The Architect's Journal

There are currently some issues with access to The Architects' Journal via Library Search and SHULinks.

In the meantime, it is possible to access The Architects' Journal via the database Construction Information Service (AKA CIS).

Keeping up to date with the latest issues of journals: Browzine

As well as directly searching for specific subjects, there are also tools which will let you browse through journals and keep up to date with the contents of new issues of key titles.

What to do if a journal article is not available in the Library

If we don't have a journal article in stock, we can ask another library to email a copy to you via our Document Supply Service. While it may not be possible to get absolutely everything, the vast majority of articles can be obtained this way.