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Welcome to the subject guide for Biosciences and Chemistry. This guide will help you find the books, journals and other information you need for your work.

Macrophage engulfing Tuberculosis bacteria.

Image credit: ZEISS Microscopy via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) License:

Spotlight on Meanwhile, Back in the Library: Science

The Library is very excited to announce that its next exhibition will be ‘Meanwhile, Back in the Library’ which will look at how comics, graphic novels, cartoons, newspaper strips, caricatures and picture books can be used within academia and how they connect with  subject areas such as science, game design, film, journalism, autobiography and art. 

Why not use a comic and academic text together to help get into a subject! Here are a selection of science related comics to get you started. Unsure about this approach...take a look at these articles!

Just to add, you may feel like some recreational reading...there is also a link to the first book in the The Sandman series. Whilst it may not help with your mole calculations, its a pretty amazing read! Even when studying, you need to take a break and you can take a look at the Meanwhile, Back in the Library Reading List Online here.

Try JoVE videos to learn how to use laboratory kit or watch a lab skill demonstrated!

Image credit: 'jove_footer' by JoVE, the Journal of Visualised Experiments (used with permission)

You can access the videos using the JoVE link above or you can find the resource by searching for JoVE Science Education in Library Search.

Ever read about a process in a journal article and need to know more?

Articles are a rich source of primary and secondary information and can be written in a variety of different styles. The choice of terminology can range from common, technical, medical and specialist depending on the intended audience and place of publication.

You may find a term in an article that you have not read before or a process that you need more information about to help you understand the article fully.

So, whether you need more information on bioremidation or Koji mold or the Zeeman effect, there is a reference source to help!

Start by searching Access Science. Many of the definitions include related articles to help explain the term more fully including links to additional reading.

You could try searching the MeSH headings in PubMed. MeSH is the medical subject headings used to index PubMed articles. You can use it as thesaurus to find similar terms or as a dictionary for definitions.

You could search for heart and find the definition. You could also identify all the alternative terms and run a search for other articles from there by clicking on Add to Search Builder and Search PubMed.

There are a range of bioscience and chemistry relevant dictionaries covering Forensics, Law, Medicine, Biomedicine, Epidemiology, Maths, Biology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Food and Nutrition, Genetics, Plant Sciences, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and many more titles which will help explain and define the terms you are looking for.

Other relevant subject guides

You may sometimes find other guides useful for specialised topics. You can find a full list of other guides on the Library Gateway, including guides such as:

Happy Christmas? Student support over Christmas from Student Wellbeing

For some people, the Christmas season can be a time when they feel unhappy and alone.

If you need advice or someone to talk to, Student Wellbeing have created a two page leaflet covering a range of services that you can contact including Big White Wall.

You can find the information here on the LSSS Blog post: Support over Christmas. All you then need to do is to click on the leaflet to find out about all the services.

Look at these great new books in the Library...

Take a look here to find out what new books have recently arrived in the Library. Many of these are new editions of recommended resources listed for your modules, great new books about emerging scientific areas or extra copies of the books that you like to borrow.

Happy reading!

Recommend something for the Library

We love books... and are always looking for new publications to support your learning and teaching, and to keep the library collections up to date with high-quality materials.  If you think we're missing something crucial though, we'd like to hear about it.  You can let us know here.

SHURA - Sheffield Hallam University Research Archive

This feed links to SHURA and the outputs of the Biomolecular Sciences Research Centre.

SHURA  is an open access repository containing scholarly outputs and publications of researchers at Sheffield Hallam University.

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