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Feedback Seminars: talk about your work with other students

by Nick Russell on 2021-11-11T00:00:00+00:00 in Skills | Comments

Feedback Seminars

                2 students and a tutor working a document together            The Skills Team have been listening to what students want and we know you would like more opportunities to talk about your work. It can take a long time to complete work and it’s easy to get side-tracked and progress can be held up by questions and doubts. Sometimes a bit of constructive feedback is all we need to get work moving again.

We have new session types you might be interested in - Feedback Seminars for Writing and Feedback Seminars for Presentations. 

Feedback Seminars for Writing are an opportunity to meet online or in person, whichever you prefer. You meet with up to two other students and a Skills Advisor to look at your writing, or your plan and to talk about your ideas. It doesn’t have to be complete; it can be a work in progress. Each student has 15 minutes to share their work which is enough time for two to three paragraphs. It’s a quick opportunity to pose your questions to a friendly group of peers who can give you feedback… is it critical?  Is it well-structured? Is there a clear argument?

You can often learn a lot by seeing other people’s writing. We all have different styles and different ways of sounding authoritative. Students tell us they take away useful suggestions from these sessions to help polish their writing. Feedback has been very positive.

Feedback Seminars for Presentations offer a great opportunity to practise up to ten minutes of your presentation and get feedback on how it is received by other students. We know how stressful presentations can feel so feedback is constructive and positive about improvements that you could make to the presentation itself or your presentation style. As part of the feedback we will also talk about the structure of your presentation and the balance between what is on your slides or poster and what you add to this as the presenter.

You might be preparing a group presentation or an individual presentation. Perhaps you are presenting a reflection on your skills or delivering a business pitch to an external client. You can book onto these sessions individually or book all get three of your group to book all available places on a session. If there are more than three people in your group just email to let us know.

How to book onto a session

Visit our website to book a Feedback Seminar

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