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Research Project and Dissertation Support

by Emma Parr on 2021-07-20T12:26:00+01:00 in Skills | Comments

The SAGE Research Methods website (fig 1.) is an essential resource for anyone undertaking a research project or research methods module while studying at Sheffield Hallam. 

Fig 1: Sage Research Methods Homepage













Why is Sage Research Methods so great you ask? 

Well, it includes a handy step-by-step project planner (fig. 2), which explains the important aspects you need to consider while undertaking your project, such as ‘Epistemology’ and ‘research design’. 

Fig 2: Sage Research Methods Project Planner Page














If you’re thinking ‘I’ve never even heard of Epistemology before!’ then you’re in luck.

All these research terms are defined, with links to online books on the topic (fig. 3). You’ll then be able to use these resources as citations in your project. For example, if you’re interested in using focus groups for data collection, you’ll be able to read books about the strengths and weaknesses of this type of data and cite this in your project. Great huh?  

Fig.3 : Sage Research Methods Literature Search for Epistemology














But wait, there’s more!

If you’re undertaking statistics, there’s resources on that too. Sage Research Methods has created a tool which helps you pick which statistic test to use, based on what you are wanting to find out. Literature can also be filtered under 25 different subject categories, such as ‘nursing’ ‘marketing’ or ‘engineering’, which helps give you relatable content. 

To access the website, go to the link HERE, and make sure you use the ‘Institution log-in' to access all the available resources.  

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