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Wellbeing Wednesday

by Carl Lomax on 2022-06-08T10:58:36+01:00 in Library | Comments

Welcome to Wellbeing Wednesday in the Library! Each Wednesday, we will be featuring books or web-based information to help support your wellbeing.

Today, we want to focus on group work. Group work is a part of many degree courses and is often met with a collective sigh. It is designed to develop/test team working skills and provide valuable experience for the world of work but can be met with fear around having to work with people you don’t know or that your success is tied to the group as a whole. The best way to tackle these fears and to have a positive group work experience is to be proactive and structured from the start.

To help you succeed the Skills Centre Team have recently produced a dedicated e-module on group work. The module takes about 40 minutes to complete and provides practical tips and downloadable tools to help get your group work off to a good start and stay on track. If you can encourage other members of your group to complete the module the benefits will be even greater!

For information on how to enrol on the e-module visit the Skills Centre Website

There are also a couple of great books in the library to follow up with: Success in Group Work is part of the Pocket Study Skills series from Bloomsbury and chunks group work up into its key parts a chapter at a time. 

Work Well in Groups is another small book and part of a great series of books (Super Quick Skills by Sage) that provides practical advice on topics such as communication skills and getting to know your team, playing to everyone’s strengths and resolving challenges and avoiding conflict.

Our wellbeing levels can differ at different times, and it is OK to ask for support. Each of us may prefer to get support in different ways. Reading or researching around an issue, connecting with a group whether it be in person on online or speaking on a one to basis with a trusted ally. Find out more about Student wellbeing, support and activities.

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