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Journalism, PR and Media

What are Reading Lists?

Most reading lists for Journalism, PR and Media are available in the University's Reading List Online (RLO) system which means that you have one list for each module with links to the resources your lecturers recommend, including:

  • information about the books’ availability
  • links to our online resources, including e-books and journal articles
  • scanned extracts of key readings

You can find your modules Reading List Online lists on the homepage of your Blackboard module or alternatively you can search for your module by module name, module code in Reading List Online.

Think of the reading list as your starting point within each subject! The list has been designed to develop your subject knowledge and you can develop further by searching in Library Search  for other resources related to your module.

Happy searching!

Quick links to the Journalism, PR and Media modules in Reading List Online

Reading Critically: be active in your reading!

Here are some tips and strategies on how to get more from your reading. Learn how to identify the purpose of your reading, the correct approach to take, and how to adopt new techniques such as skimming and scanning.

The Reading more deeply - tips and strategies - document below is a very useful starting point to help you identify the purpose of your reading, reading approaches, how to engage with the text and critical analysis.

You will encounter a great deal of information during your studies. Much of this will come to you through lectures, reading, discussion and research. The Skills Centre resource section includes tutorials related to reading and notemaking that cover strategies for:

  • reading effectively
  • making notes while reading
  • making notes in lectures

The materials above have been provided by the Skills Centre at Sheffield Hallam University.