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Reading Lists Online - guide for academic staff


There are three steps to adding resources to your reading list:

  1. First you need to locate the book marking tool.
  2. Secondly you need to search for the resources on either Library Search or the internet and then add them to your bookmarks.
  3. Finally these resources are added to your list.

How to locate the bookmarking tool

  • A Bookmark to RLO link has now been added to the browsers on the Staff Managed Desktop.
  • In Internet Explorer you will find the link under Favorites > Bookmark to RLO.

  • In Chrome you can find it on the Bookmarks bar under Managed Bookmarks > Staff > Bookmark to RLO 

Bookmarking books and ebooks

  • Use Library Search to search for a book and using the refine options on the left-hand side limit to Online availability and Books/eBooks.
  • This will identify if an eBook is available.
  • If there isn't an electronic version of the book, you can still add the book and when you send it to review the library will check if there is an eBook version available to purchase.
  • If an eBook isn't available, your subject librarian will contact you to help identify alternative resources.

How to bookmark an eBook:

  • Click on the title to display the full record
  • Click on the Add to My Bookmarks link in your Favourites bar

  • Once the item has been selected it will generate the RLO Bookmark page.

Bookmarking e-journals

  • Find the article using Library Search.
  • When you have found the article you want, click on the title link to open the full record.
  • Click on the Add to My Bookmarks link in your Favourites bar.
  • Check all the journal details are included and then proceed with Create.

Bookmarking online video and audio from SHUPlayer

  • Find the programme uou are interested in on Library Search
  • Click Add to My Bookmarks.
  • Ensure resource type is set to Audio-Visual document
  • Click Create.

Bookmarking items from BoB (Box of Broadcasts)

To add items from you BoB account simply follow the steps below:

  • You can either add a clip or a link to the whole programme

  • Log in to BoB and select the programme, clip or playlist you wish to add to your list

  • Click on the 'Add to My Bookmarks' button,  to bring up the "Bookmarking " page in your browser

  • Check the programme details are correct and, if necessary, add any additional information

  • Click on 'Create' or 'Create and Add to List' to add it directly to an existing list

Bookmarking web pages

  • Find the website
  • Click Add to My Bookmarks
  • Ensure resource type is set to Webpage
  • Check the record to ensure that the correct web address is displayed in the Web address and the title is meaningful
  • Click Create

Bookmarking items not in the library

  • Find a record of the item in a supplier website such as Blackwells or Amazon click.
  • Add it as a web resource.
  • When your list is ready you should publish it and Request Review.Lists will then be reviewed by Library staff and resources we don't have will be ordered if available

Adding Bookmarks to your RLO

The quickest way of adding books to your reading list is by using the Add Resource option in the Action Bar on your Reading list. The Action Bar appears when you hover your mouse cursor over a gap between items  The Add Resource option brings up the pop-up window from which, you can look through your recently bookmarked items, search your bookmarks, or do a general search for books.

 Add an item from your Talis bookmarks. Your recently bookmarked items appear at the top of the Add Resource pop-up. Alternatively, you can search via the "Search by title, author, or ISBN" box to find other bookmarked items. Click on the title of the item to add it to your reading list.

Add a new item to your reading list. Below the "Recently Bookmarked" section, you will find a list of other titles in the "Book Search" section. This searches both the Library’s collection, and an external bibliographic database. 


Annotating your list - adding notes for students

This Edit menu options allow you to both move the item up and down and also add "Notes for your students" giving further information about the resource and how you would like them to use it - e.g. highlight specific chapters.