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How to find information for science or health based literature reviews

1 - Use specialist tools in databases!

Make your literature review stand out and impress your peers and academics as you know the key researchers, publications and papers!

Databases like Scopus, Web of Science and Dimensions offer search results analysis which can help you do this!

This is a feature of databases that will really help with your literature review. It is a feature that help save you time and get into the literature very quickly.


You can analyse your search results within these databases to discover:

  • Which authors published the most papers in your list of results
  • Which journals contain the most relevant articles related to your literature search
  • Which organisations the authors were affiliated with.
  • The geographical distribution of papers across the world.


This can help you identify:

  • Authors whose work you may want to read. 
  • Journals you should be looking at.
  • Organisations you could search for.


How can I find the feature in each database?

  • In Scopus, the feature is called - Analyse Search Results.
  • In Web of Science, the feature is called Analyze Results.
  • In Dimensions, you can use the Analytical View dashboard to work with your results. 

2 - Look beyond the results of your search

Databases often have other helpful features to direct you to more literature related to the topic you searched for.

Take a look around the database results screen to see what suggestions the database is making. These are often described as

  • latest articles related articles recommended articles.
  • article suggestions.
  • top articles. 
  • related searches. 
  • times cited/cited. 

Using these options can quickly help you find associated literature with no additional searching required!

3 - I would like to know more...

Take a break.

Congratulations you have completed the seventh step.

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