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I'm using another referencing style

Other referencing styles for specific subjects

Not all students at SHU are expected to use the APA system for referencing.
Please follow the guidance you are given by your tutors.


If you are on a Chemistry course, you should reference numerically using the Royal Society of Chemistry style.

If you choose to use an online tool or app for reference list creation, you will still need to check that your references are correct and if you are unsure which style to use, then please refer to your course leader before you submit your first assignment.

Electronics & Electrical engineering

If you are on an Electrical or Electronic Engineering course you may be asked to reference in the style used by the IEEE. If so, this guide will help you.

IEEE is available on many common referencing apps and software, such as RefWorks, Word, and Library Search

IEEE is a numeric referencing system.

Please be aware that as a style designed for a professional publication, IEEE formally requires the use of set abbreviations for journals and publishers. However, in the context of student work, this can make referencing unnecessarily complex and intimidating, as well as potentially making it harder to use referencing apps and software. While you can use the abbreviations if you really want to, it is perfectly okay to use the full names of journals and publishers for references in your assignments. 

Fine Art and Creative Art Practice

Students studying Fine art and Creative art practice should refer to the lecture slides and the course handbook for help with the Oxford system.


Please follow the guidance you are given by your tutors.


Please follow the guidance you are given by your tutors.

Vancouver style

Vancouver is used on courses including physics. Please follow the guidance you are given by your tutors.

Vancouver is a numeric referencing style.

If you are asked to use the Vancouver style you may find the Imperial College London Guide to the Vancouver Citing and Referencing Style useful.