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Developing Research Skills for Staff (HWLS): Starting your Search - what to use?

What will I learn in this section?

This section will cover all you need to know about using a database to find your articles. 

Each of the databases below has more information about what subjects or topics that database covers. Please read this information carefully to help you choose which database is most relevant to your topic. The tab 'Using the Databases' goes into more detail on how to search these databases.

Key Databases for Nursing & Midwifery, Health and Social Care

These are the key databases that cover the Nursing, Midwifery, Health and Social Care literature. Each database has some information about what it covers and what it is appropriate for, so please read the information carefully to help you choose which one to use.

Primary Vs Secondary?

These databases contain both primary and secondary research reports. It's important to know which ones to use for your purposes. For literature reviews (of any kind!), it's important to use primary research, rather than secondary.

Here is a really good site with definitions and information about the types of research you will encounter in your searching journey:

Where Can I Get Help?

You can get help with quick questions using Library chat, or you can get in touch with the Library through the student portal or Hallam Help points. Here are some useful help links: