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Human Rights

On this page, you will find:

  • Guidance to accessing both print and electronic books.
  • Key texts for Human Rights
  • Our latest stock of new books for Human Rights

Books and eBooks

Photo credit: 'Rare Book' by The Wolf Law Library via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Most print books relevant to Law can be found in Collegiate Library.  

To find details of the exact location and availability of books, both print and electronic, please use Library Search. The title link for Books will take you to the full record with details of all copies. For eBooks, use the Full Text online link.

Some relevant shelfmarks

The catalogue record for each book includes a shelfmark that shows exactly where to find it in the sequence on the shelves. Books are firstly filed in subject number order - lowest numbers first.

Human rights law


Using eBooks

The Library aims to have both eBook and print versions of books as we know both formats are important especially when studying away from the University. Unfortunately, publishers do not always offer an eBook in a format suitable for library use, or it is not available at the time we order the print version.

How to find eBooks

  • Go to Library Online.
  • Search for your keywords in Library Search e.g. food tourism.
  • To the left of your search results click on Books / eBooks and Online.
  • Choose a book and follow the link(s) available under Find online. The links will either say View online at: or the name of an eBook provider.

Reading eBooks

How you can use an eBook depends on terms and conditions set by the publisher.  In most cases you will be able to choose between reading online and downloading the eBook for a limited period to your own device. When downloaded eBooks expire you can download them again.

Most eBooks can be read by more than one reader at a time but sometimes you may have to wait if another reader is using the book. You can search within individual eBooks, add notes and print or copy a limited number of pages from most eBooks.

Further help

If you need further help, please take a look at the Library Help guide: eBooks section or get in contact. You can find a link to the Library Help guide below.

If a resource is not available in the Library, you can request it using Document Supply Services.

Key Texts

New Books

Multidisciplinary eBook collections

The Library has a range of eBook collections. You can search Library Search to find eBooks about many different subjects and that approach may be quicker than searching individual collections. You can also browse or search with the collections directly.

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