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Human Rights

On this page you will find databases for finding UK legislation and cases.

You will also find policy documents from the Houses of Parliament including public bills, Command Papers, parliamentary papers, and parliamentary debates. 

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UK legislation and cases

The databases listed give you access to case reports, Acts of Parliament, and Statutory Instruments.

For case, you can search by neutral citation, e.g. [2009] UKSC 1. Use the 'Citation' search box in the Cases area of the database. You can also search Westlaw and Lexis for proprietary citations - citations which are linked to a specific report, e.g. [2008] 1 AC 1.

You can also search by the names of the parties, e.g. OBG Ltd v Allan. Use the 'Party names' box in the Cases area of the database.

Use the name / title box in the Legislation area to find Acts and SIs. When searching for an Act it is important to specify the year, as there may be several Acts with the same name.


Policy documents

These databases and websites give you access to Government and Parliamentary documents.

You can search for particular documents (Green paper or Bill), topics (health care), and people (a particular MP).

Adsetts Library [map pdf]
Collegiate Library [map pdf]

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