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Referencing toolkit: an introduction to referencing and APA

From September 2021 we have adopted APA 7 as our standard referencing style. Continuing students can use APA 6 for this year. In some subject areas, students are asked to use other referencing styles that are appropriate for professional practice. The


This is a one hour lecture aimed at students who are new to referencing or need a refresher. It has interactive activities and can be delivered in a lecture or workshop setting. 

The toolkit contains

  1. PowerPoint presentation with interactive student activities to introduce why we reference, plagiarism and the basics of referencing using APA
  2. Lesson plan including learning outcomes and description of range of activities
  3. Student hand-outs
  4. Optional add-on sets of subject slides that highlight how to reference sources common to specific disciplines

Presentation and lesson plan

Handouts to accompany the presentation