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Your guide to creating a LibGuide

What is LibGuides?

LibGuides is a tool to create and manage web pages. It's a system that organises and handles content. LibGuides is specially designed for librarians to share information such as subject guides.

This guide has been created to support librarians in the creation of their work. It will explain the features available in LibGuides and show helpful tips on how to incorporate Sheffield Hallam branding.

Why use this guide?

The guide has been created to be accessible and creates a user-friendly experience for everyone. It considers accessibility on different devices and people using additional tools to view content. Here are some reasons why you might want to use this guide when creating your own LibGuide:

  • Ease of use: This guide can help you understand how to use LibGuides effectively and efficiently. It can reduce frustration and improve your experience.
  • Branding: This guide is an incorporates the SHU brand and provides consistency across all resources.
  • Simplified Navigation: The navigation options have been reduced to simplify the website for users and touch-based interactions have been optimised. This includes using larger buttons, and collapsible sections to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for.
  • Mobile-Friendly Content: The guide uses mobile-friendly content that is easy to read and navigate on small screens. This includes using shorter paragraphs, larger font sizes, and a simplfied layout.

The guide aims to enhance the user experience by boosting engagement, improving perception, and increasing retention of guides and resources.

Pro tip

To use this guide template select Side Nav Development 2023 under Type/Group.

Roles & responsibilities

Only members of staff in the Library who have a LibGuides account are able to log into LibGuides and do things like creating and editing guides.  An account is not created automatically for every new starter.  Accounts are only created on request because not everyone needs to use LibGuides in their role.  Creating a LibGuides account doesn't take long and can be done at short notice if necessary.


Members of Systems and Service Development Team who are responsible for looking after LibGuides overall have this type of account, plus a small number of other people based on need.  Admin users can create content, edit all content in the system, and manage system settings & customisations.


Most members of Library staff who have a LibGuides account are Regular users.  This level of account allows people to create and edit their own content. It's ideal for most users who will be creating and maintaining guides, which is why it's the default role.


As an Editor, a LibGuides user is able to edit only guides to which they have been assigned and can do very little else within the system.  We don't have that many Editors in our system and they are mostly people outside of Library Services who need to be able to edit content on one r two guides in a limited way, e.g. colleagues in DTS.

Pro tip

For more information about this, please see the Springshare guidance: Add and manage LibGuides user accounts.

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