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Making the most of Generative AI

Creative work and AI

  • Generative AI can be used to support you in producing assignments in more creative and artistic subject areas.
  • As with using generative AI in supporting written assignments, it must be used with caution if you are using it to support with your production of creative assignment work such as designs, pieces of art or animations
  • There are a range of resources out there: some that will produce pieces of work with text prompts, and some that you can use to edit work you upload into the tool.

Limitations for creative work

  • It can take a long time to properly understand how to use Generative AI to produce what you want.
  • Risk of overreliance, leading to a lack of confidence in your own ideas and skills.
  • Not tracking prompts used or the extent to which you have used AI, leading to risk of plagiarism.
  • Inaccurate results from AI, such as ChatGPT - you need to check any information you get from it as it may not be correct.
  • Generative AI tools such as Dall.E, require you to pay for its services which leads to unequal access.

Further reading

ChatGPT and DALL-E : sell your creative thinking with AI: This short video course, available through the library gateway, gives insight into how to use AI to develop your creative ideas

Hutson, & Robertson, B. (2023). A Matter of Perspective: A Case Study in the Use of AI-Generative Art in the Drawing Classroom. The International Journal of New Media, Technology and the Arts, 18(1), 17–31. This article discusses the strengths and limitations of using AI to support students in the creation of visual art. 

Ploin, A., Eynon, R., Hjorth I. & Osborne, M.A. (2022). AI and the Arts: How Machine Learning is Changing Artistic Work. Report from the Creative Algorithmic Intelligence Research Project. Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, UK.: This report covers some really interesting ideas and approaches to how artists are using AI in a constructive and innovative way.

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