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Making the most of Generative AI

Other uses

  • Generative AI can be adapted and used to support different aspects of your studies at university.
  • AI should not be seen as a replacement for developing skills but can complement what you are already doing or provide a starting point for new approaches.
  • Why not try some of these ideas when putting together your next assignment?

Other ways to use AI to support your studies

Note taking

AI such as that can be used to take notes and produce transcripts. These can be great when taking in a lot of information, for example in a 1:1 with a lecturer or advisor.

(You MUST get permission from the person being recorded before using). 

Mind mapping

Mind maps are a great way to organise your notes when revising, planning assignments or just to figure out what topics you've covered on a module and how they link together.

Tools such as Miro have buil- in AI that can be used to support you in producing useful mind maps.

Summarising notes

Having comprehensive yet concise notes is really important in order to plan assignments and revise effectively. 

You can use AI , such as Quillbot to support you in condensing your notes from lectures, seminars and reading.

Time management

Time management is a skill that will support you in your studies and beyond, such as in careers or organising events.

It is important to develop this skill independently and find an approach that works best for you. To support you in this there are some useful apps such as which can help you plan your calendar and prioritise tasks.

Graphic design

There are many really useful tools available that you can use for producing a variety of graphic design ideas, from social media posts to infographics. Many, such as Canva, have built in AI, enabling text to image prompts.

CVs and job applications

AI can be used to support you in producing a coherent and professional looking CV. ChatGPT can be good for helping you to summarise your experience, or phrase ideas in a concise way. 

Be careful: it is vital that you are honest on your CV and that AI is only used to complement what you have already written, using only your skills, experiences and ideas as prompts for production.


  • Many resources are free to begin with but then require payment.
  • Temptation to over-use Generative AI, leading to overreliance and under-development of skills.
  • Uncertainty about who may access the information you are inputting into AI and how this is going to be used.

Useful resources

  • Introduction to ChatGPT: A useful video explaining some fundamental concepts that underpin successful use of ChatGPT.
  • Otter.AI: AI generated meeting notes and transcripts.
  • Miro: Collaborate with others on projects and create flow charts and mind maps.
  • AI supported planning and time scheduling tool.

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