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SHU Library and Skills Centre Teachmeet: The Student Voice: 7th May 2019 - Sharing Platter

Sharing your resources, ideas and plans

As part of the day we took the opportunity to spend some time having a round table discussion on our own innovations and what we might take away from the conference, below are some of the highlights.

What are you proud of at your institution?

TeachMeet 2019 Summary of Responses

TeachMeet 2019 Summary of Responses

Please spend a little time telling us about the day.

Want to know more??

If you would like to know more about the event or any other the presentations please do not hesitate to contact Karen Dolman

What ideas will you take back with you?

TeachMeet 2019 Summary of Responses

SHU Library & SKills Teachmeet Twitter: 2019 Event