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SHU Library and Skills Centre Teachmeet: The Student Voice: 8th February 2022 - Summary and reflections

Teachmeet ~ 8th February, 2022

During the afternoon, everyone took part in group discussions, centred around an aspect of co-design.

Please check out the links below to read summaries of these conversations.

If you've any thoughts or reflections of the day that you want to add, please do so via the Padlet.

Successes & challenges of involving students in service development

Students contributing to the design and/or delivery of academic skills workshops & resources

Involving students in the development of our collections

Involving students in the evaluation of services

Teachmeet Padlet

Feel free to add to this with your own insights and reflections regarding co-design with students.

Rewarding students for their involvement

Students planning & delivering peer learning activities

Involving students in the development of reading lists

What challenges, and solutions, have you found when communicating expectations of engagement with students working on projects with you?